Electrocautery is a medical technique that uses a high-frequency electrical current to cut, coagulate, or remove tissue during surgical procedures. The electrical current is applied through a specialized instrument called an electrocautery device or electrosurgical unit.

Electrocautery serves several purposes in surgery:

Cutting: The high-frequency electrical current is used to make precise incisions in tissue.

Coagulation: It can be employed to stop bleeding by coagulating blood vessels, reducing the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery.

Fulgration: This involves the destruction or removal of tissue, such as tumors or abnormal growths.

Desiccation: The controlled application of heat is used to dry and shrink tissue.


Electrocautery is commonly used in various surgical specialties, including dermatology, general surgery, gynecology, and more. It provides a precise and efficient means of achieving hemostasis (controlling bleeding) and tissue manipulation during surgical procedures. The use of electrocautery requires skill and experience to ensure effective and safe outcomes.

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